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Live poker online is definitely called the royal casino discipline! This classic card game takes skills, flair, and luck. Live Poker is for the ones who have the nerves of steel or is followed by great luck! Live Poker is equipped with various features that will be interesting for every player. You can compete with real people, choose your own avatar, send virtual gifts, and also chat with competitors. This makes the game fun and entertaining. Poker is very similar to any other sports game: it has many tournaments, there are some strong and weak players, the poker broadcasts can be shown on television, many players have fans, the players receive money for prizes in the tournament. Plus, there are many websites where you can play free live poker online.

Play live Texas Hold’em Pro poker online

Play live Texas Hold’em

If you are interested in playing a reliable, interesting, and populated poker game, you need to pay attention to a really popular game that is called Texas Holdem Pro. It has all the entertainment and features which you would like to experience in a poker game. One of the main features that makes this game special, is that after you start playing, you are able to place wagers against real people instead of computer. So this option makes the play amazing as it allows you to keep the pace of real players, and learn something from them.

Texas Holdem Pro can encourage you with many different bonuses that you will get after the right after you create your account:

  1. After the registration, you get the welcome bonus of 12,000 that you can use for taking part in your first tournament;
  2. If you will log in into the game every day, you will get an additional $5,000 just to encourage you to play more;
  3. If you’ve been playing for 4 hours, you will get plus $1,000 in the free chips;
  4. The jackpot Lottery draw is always available in the game, so you have the chance to try your luck.

Texas Hold’em Pro was developed by Dragonplay, it has a nice graphic interface that seems really convenient and easy even for a beginner. It also has the app, so you can quickly download it on your phone and start playing.

The best live poker tournaments online

Live poker tournaments have set the standard for high quality in the live poker world. They have always been popular, even a few decades ago. Every weekend, a huge number of players take part in tournaments and hope on their luck that can help them to win a big amount of money. Among the most famous tournaments are:

  • Poker Stars – it became the best poker tournament ever with a $ 25,000 buy-in;
  • Partypoker – is the second by popularity because of many live events;
  • European Poker Tour – the tournament of the worldwide level that sets the example of how the tournaments should be held.

It’s always up to you whether you want to take part in the tournament or not. But it will definitely be your unforgettable experience that will give you more knowledge and understanding about poker and casino in general.

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