Best Poker players and their achievements

If 20 years ago one could hear from a person that he is a professional poker player, there was a contemptuous laugh in response. Indeed, in the past this wonderful game had an unenviable reputation and was compared with the criminal activity of criminal authorities. But today the title of Best Poker players is associated with major media events, and the heroes themselves are equated with famous actors, or athletes with world names. Such people have a reputation for possessing sustainable intelligence and desperate courage.

best poker player

Indeed, the best Poker players of all time have thorough command of discipline, psychology, self-control, analytical thinking and precise control over their own actions. Also, the best Poker players in the world constantly take part in competitions for real money and other pleasant prizes. Moreover, their ratings are very dynamic, because any prestigious Poker tournament with high stakes tends to say goodbye to the next leader pretty quickly. Nevertheless, some talented players are quite steadily entrenched on top of the Olympus and confidently lead the 2019 TOP.

Best Poker players on internet sites

Until recently, all information about the income and other results of the competition of famous high rollers on best online sites was successfully hidden from prying eyes. Now everyone has the opportunity to learn all about best online Poker players from the news of the world’s largest poker platform HighstakesDB:

  1. The leader of the rating is the player from Finland Patrick Antonius, whose asset is $ 17 million profit at Full Tilt Poker. Perhaps these indicators should have the best Poker players.
  2. US professional player Danielle Cates (jungleman12) has earned more than $ 10 million in Full Tilt and PokerStars over his career and has been awarded a large number of honorary titles.
  3. Phil Ivey, holder of ten World Series of Poker bracelets, has hit the final table of world tournaments eight times, which is a record.
  4. Very popular is the two-time WSOP champion Phil Galfond.
  5. 25-year-old poker master Di Dang (Urindanger) successfully earns a living by playing $ 500- $ 1,000 Omaha Pot Limit / Texas Holdem Pot Limit Full Tilt and specializes in heads-up.

Those wishing to get to know the celebrities of online Poker closer can freely visit any resource covering interesting events of this game.

Celebrities of the land casinos

The true masters of the Poker industry are quite impressive in their truly huge achievements:

  • For several years in a row, the status of the best player was held by the poker table genius Daniel Negreanu, who was the first crossed the Rubicon to $ 30 million in tournament winnings;
  • The first person to overcome the $ 40 million mark was Justin Bonomo;
  • US professional Eric Seidel has been a member of the Poker Hall of Fame since 2010;
  • American player David Peters from Ohio, is considered the best player in the unlimited Texas Hold’em tournament in the world. Won $ 30,005,463;
  • Antonio Esfandiari managed to earn $ 27,728,437 in his career.

Carefully studying each of the listed players, there are simply not enough words to describe their talents.

Famous women playing Poker

Undoubtedly, the success of the better half of humanity at female Poker is striking. The honorary title of best female Poker players is absolutely suitable for such famous ladies as Vanessa Selbst with a win of $ 11,851,382, Kathy Liebert with a profit of $ 6,223,469, Annie Duke, whose winnings reached $ 4,270,548. Annette can also be surely added to them Oberstad, whose achievements amount to $ 3,942,232, Liv Boeree with $ 3,852,996 and many more women.

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