WSOP online poker: features and what you need to know about the world tournament

WSOP online poker – world competitions held once a year at the prestigious Rio Club in Las Vegas last more than 30 days and the prize pool is $ 225,000,000. On average, 2 competitions are held per day, in total their number exceeds 60. The winner of each competition is awarded a golden bracelet.

WSOP online poker

WSOP: basic Information

The World Series of Poker dates back to the very end of the 60s, when casino co-owner Tom Moore and professional player Vic Vickrey abandoned the idea of a poker championship.

There were 50 poker tables in Las Vegas at that time, and a little over 70 in the entire state of Nevada. No one could have guessed what the idea of Moore and Vickrey, skillfully picked up by Benny Binion, would turn out to be.

The goal of the WSOP online poker is to identify the strongest player in the world. Until now, only two participants have been able to win the honorary title three times – Johnny Moss, and Stu Anger. Johnny was called the “great old poker man”, he collected 9 gold bracelets and his name was one of the first to be entered in the Poker Hall of Fame in 1979. Stu was also the largest poker player and member of the Hall of Fame (since 2001), about he even shot the movie “Player”.

Varieties of WSOP online poker games

Participants in the world tournament will play such types of poker as:

  1. Texas Hold’em. In a tournament, players usually play unlimited Hold’em, where participants cannot limit their bets.
  2. Omaha is a variant of Texas Hold’em, but 4 cards are issued to the players, 2 of which they have the right to use to collect a combination together with three cards on the table.
  3. Omaha Hi-Lo.
  4. Seven-card Stud.

In more than 70 events in the world tournament you can play various types of poker, but in recent years tournaments are held to play the popular aforementioned varieties that could be also found in best poker apps.

How to start participating in the WSOP?

The most grandiose tournament – Main Event – takes place at the end of the series. To participate in it, you need to deposit from 1 to 5 thousand dollars. After registration participants receive deposit bonus. Its winner is considered the world champion. The more bracelets a player has, the more powerful he is considered. Passing skill levels is the most affordable option for most poker enthusiasts. They allow you to become a participant in a world tournament without spending large sums of real money.

How are WSOP tournaments held?

How will the world poker tournament be held in 2020? The tournament schedule includes:

  1. The WSOP free online poker Main Event will be held from July 1 to July 14, 2020. The event will have three starting days on July 1, 2 and 3, after which the survivors from days 1A and 1B will unite on Day 2AB, and the remaining players after 1C will play in Day 2C;
  2. On Monday, July 6, the fields from the second days will be combined, after which the players will have a few more days of intense struggle;
  3. The main tournament will reach its peak on Friday, July 10, when all the participants of the final table are determined;
  4. A day off is scheduled for July 11, and from 12 to 14, the nine lucky people will compete for the title of World Champion and nearly a dozen million dollars in prize money.

The WSOP poker online remains the most anticipated poker event of the year, and the final table of the Main Event is traditionally compared to the final of the World Cup – in terms of entertainment, intensity, and drama.

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